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OSCAR EMINENT Touchscreen Point of Sale POS Terminal Cashier Billing Machine
CPU Intel Core i3 Gen5 2.0 GHz
System Memory RAM 4GB,
Storage SSD 128GB,
LED: 17 Inch Square Industrial Grade ,
Touchscreen Panel: Capacitive Touch
Available in 2 Colors: Black / White


- Unique printing mechanism design in the world, full printing area available, no need for 5mm (or more) pre-print area, so able to print all the area on the label.
- Patent insect-proof design
- Patent hot keypad design

OSCAR MetaPrint III Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Barcode Label Printer

- Languages: Fully ZPL (Zebra Compatible) / TSPL (TSC Compatible) / ESC-POS
- Resolution: 300 dots/inch, 12 dots/mm
- Printing Method: Thermal Transfer (Ribbon) / Direct Thermal
- Interface : Serial + USB + Ethernet (LAN)
- Ribbon Length: Max 300meters
- Effective Printing Width: 0.5 - 108 mm (4.25 Inch)

OSCAR POS88F 80mm Thermal Bill POS Receipt Printer USB+Serial+Ethernet

- Interfaces: USB + Serial (RS232, COM) + Ethernet (LAN)
- 1 Year Warranty
- Speed: 250 mm/s, Auto-Cutter life cycle: 1,500,000 Cuts
- Code Pages: ASCII, ARABIC 1256, GB18030 (Chinese), BIG5, Most International Codepages
- Drivers: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, POSReady 2009, POSReady 7, Linux, Unix

Driver Download


- Area Imager 2D + 1D Corded Barcode Scanner
- Scans QR Codes and Barcodes from Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, LCD, Paper, ...
- Works with almost all Operating Systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, ...
- USB + Virtual COM (Virtual Serial)
- 1 Year warranty

- OSCAR UniBar II 1D QR 2D Barcode Scanner | Windows Connection

- OSCAR UniBar II 1D QR 2D Barcode Scanner | Android Connection

OSCAR UniBar II BT - Area Imager 2D QR 1D - Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner Black

- Area Imager 2D + 1D Bluetooth and Wired Barcode Scanner Black
- Pairable with any Bluetooth enabled device, such as iPhone, Android phones, Tablets and Laptops
- Scans QR Codes and Barcodes from Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, LCD, Paper, ...
- USB Dongle to pair with Computer, Laptop, MacBook, POS Terminal, ...
- 1 Year warranty

- OSCAR UniBar II BT | Windows Connection via Dongle

- OSCAR UniBar II BT | iOS Bluetooth Connection