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- Unique printing mechanism design in the world, full printing area available, no need for 5mm (or more) pre-print area, so able to print all the area on the label.
- Patent insect-proof design
- Patent hot keypad design

Matbakh Solution

Matbakh Restaurant Billing & Accounting Software, using the latest sales and accounting technologies, is a professional, User friendly, Fast and reliable billing software for Various kinds of financial activities such as, Sale & Purchase, Account & Payment management, Stock & Inventory with several Report capability, to help you manage your business.

OSCAR POS58L Thermal Label Printer 58mm USB+Serial Black…

- Brand : OSCAR Product
- Model : POS 58L
- Printing Method : Thermal Line
- Resolution : 8dots/mm,576dots/line
- Effective Printing Width : 56mm
- Printing Speed : Max 127mm/s
- Character Set : ASCII,GB18030(Chinese),BIG5,Codepage
- Paper End Sensor : YES

OSCAR POS88C 80mm Thermal Bill POS Receipt Printer USB+Ethernet

- Interfaces: USB + Ethernet (LAN)
- Speed: 250 mm/s; Kitchen Beep Enabled
- Auto-Cutter life cycle: 1,500,000 Cuts
- Code Pages: ASCII, ARABIC 1256, GB18030 (Chinese), BIG5, Most International Codepages
- Drivers: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, POSReady 2009, POSReady 7, Linux, Unix


In this system, everything is done through central system (stand, wall or desktop). The task of issuing shifts, controlling queues and managing other components of the system such as Main display, Counter display & Counter keypad is managed by central system. Main Displays is LCD.

Some of the advantages of the queuing system:

- Increase work efficiency
- Induce order in the workplace
- Provide Better service to customers
- Reduce the number of counters without reducing efficiency
- Motivate employees to improve their work
- Prevent gathering in front of responsive counters
- Assign rewards to employees based on accurate system reports
- Provide a variety of reports from booths for management decisions